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Completed in 1908, the wescott house springfield ohio in Springfield was Frank Lloyd Wright’s first residential commission in Ohio. It’s both a prime example of his Prairie Style of architecture, and evidence of the inspiration he drew from a trip to Japan. In the early 1940s, the house was converted into apartments. By the time it was “rediscovered” a decade ago, the structure had been abandoned and many of its period details were missing. A complete restoration stabilized the buildings and returned them to Wright’s original vision, including reproductions of furniture and lighting present in the original plans.

About Wescott House

About Wescott House

This is the view from East High St., showing one of the massive urn planters and a sizable front patio, all slightly elevated above street level. The entrance is actually around the corner and looks fairly modest. Dining room suite features built-in light fixtures on the corners of an expandable table. It’s a painstaking reproduction of the original designed by Wright.

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Behind the house is a garden and a garage. Everything is elevated above the street and enclosed with a pergola and a Japanese-inspired trellis, giving it the feel of an insulated compound. The garden has been recreated based on Wright’s original plot plan using period-appropriate plantings

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