Brick And Wood House Contemporary Plans

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Brick and wood house – Clay bricks are one of the most building materials friendly to the planet. Also known as adobe, mud bricks have a high load bearing capacity that can create multi-story tall buildings. Its natural construction also makes it fire resistant and resistant to parasites. The disadvantage: The construction of a mud brick house is an intensive job. A house may require 10,000 bricks, and if it can only be managed by laying bricks 200 a week.

Contemporary House Building Wooden Brick

Contemporary House Building Wooden Brick

It will be almost a year before it has finished, not counting construction delays. Mix soil and water to make the mud, then add clay, straw or gravel to increase strength. Pour the mixture into wooden molds to let them dry on bricks. A typical how to build a brick house is approximately 8 x 4 x 2.25 inches long. Make sure the mud is packed tight to avoid air pockets. Keep bricks from direct sunlight during drying or cracking.

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The pile of bricks in a mortar bed using the same mud mixture or a mixture of cement and sand. Erect wooden frames to form the doors and windows of your house, and then build the wooden building bricks around them. Place the wooden beams on the roof over the house once the wall has reached its designated height. Deep eaves are recommended for adobe houses to protect the walls from heavy rains. Roof tiles.

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