Great Conex Box House Plans

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Conex box house plans – The container houses or better said, that architecture with metallic containers is on the rise. The isolation of a home is very important when it comes to getting an efficient house energetically. We do not want the high summer temperatures to open up to our living rooms or bedrooms, or that the heat we have in our home is lost through the enclosures on a cold winter night.

Conex Box Home Ideas

Conex Box Home Ideas

Precisely this envelope of the building is what we must isolate, which in our case, are the 4 walls, the roof and the floor of the container. But it is also the wrapping of our container house that makes it special, and that the metal of the container is an element that is visible, accentuating its original appearance and clear symbol of reuse, it is a very desired aspect. There are also those who take advantage of the advantages provided by the use of containers, but instead do not need the metal to be a facade element and contemplate that it may be covered by some type of coverings.

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The main advantage of this system is that it is the only way to make clear in our design that the container house, in fact, is raised with maritime containers. The facade of the visible building would be the corrugated metal of the containers, and playing with the colors, the anchors between containers, and the arrangement of these, you can get some very funny designs.

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