How to Design Farnsworth House Floor Plan

Published On January 7, 2019 | By penulis | DESIGN

Designing your own Farnsworth house floor plan can save money that you would spend by consulting an architect or professional designer. While an architect or designer may be able to offer specific ideas, rules and regulations in home design, you can create your own floor plan. You will want to, but be aware of site-specific building codes that can affect your layout design. Once you have created your design, check with your local building inspector to ensure your floor plan is adequate.

Bungalow Farnsworth House

Bungalow Farnsworth House


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If you are a beginner’s layout designer, buy the Farnsworth floor plan design software online or in a store discount department. Most discount stores like Wal-Mart or Target will implement the program, but the easiest way is to download or order it online. Consider a program like Floor Planner. Floor Planner is a simple, do-it-yourself floor plan program. Consult the software’s tutorial section for how-to questions. Research additional flooring software such as small Blueprinted for online creation at no cost.

Start creating your Farnsworth house floor plan. Whether you have purchased software or sketch your outline plan by hand, the first step will be to determine a scale. A square inch is often equivalent to 10 square feet during a floor plan design. Adjust your drawing using a ruler or your screen layout in the design toolbox to accommodate your chosen scale. Keep your scale in mind throughout the whole of your layout design. Use your website’s space and budget to determine how big your home can be. For economic purposes, do not plan to create a home that is too large. Although supersized homes are appealing, they are not the most sustainable option.

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