Houses made out of recycled materials - Every time we see more houses built with recycled materials and this happens for two reasons. The first is to help take care of our environment by giving a second use to materials that would normally be discarded. Since the houses made with recycled materials are cheaper, the other reason is none other than to help many families that do not have a roof in which to live. Once you know the keys to how to build a self-sufficient and ecological house, it can be a good time to design the home of your dreams, if you want to go one step further and you are daring, you can consider making your house with recycled material, an option more sustainable and that does not contribute so much to the deterioration of the environment during its construction stage. There are many types of sustainable houses made from recycled materials, as many as recycled materials are used in their construction. That is why, in today's article we show you several amazing examples of ecological homes made with the recycling of materials. Most people believe that houses built with recycled materials are synonymous with shanties and that is not true. In the construction of this type of ecological and sustainable housing, design is taken into account, especially to make the most of natural resources and not depend on any type of energy other than renewable energy.

Amazing Examples of Houses Made Out Of Recycled Materials

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January 10, 2019 DESIGN

How to Design Passive House Floor Plans

Designing your own passive house floor plans can save money that you would spend by consulting an architect or professional designer. While an architect or designer may be able to offer specific ideas, rules and regulations in home design, you can create your own floor plan. You will want to, but be aware of site-specific building codes that can affect your layout design. Once you have created your design, check with your local building inspector to ensure your floor plan is adequate.

Easy Passive House Plan

Easy Passive House Plan


12 Inspiration Gallery from How to Design Passive House Floor Plans

Image of: Unusual Passive House Construction
Image of: Passive Solar House Plans Australia Inspirational Solar Passive House Plans Australia Elegant 25 Luxury E Story
Image of: System Passive House Plan
Image of: Solar Passive House Construction
Image of: Small Passive House Construction
Image of: Simple Passive House Construction
Image of: Review Passive House Plan
Image of: Rectangle Passive House Construction
Image of: Prefab Passive House Construction
Image of: Passive Solar House Plans Inspirational Passive solar House Plans Elegant Passive House Plans
Image of: Inspiring Passive House Construction
Image of: Easy Passive House Plan

If you are a beginner’s layout designer, buy the house floor plans design software online or in a store discount department. Most discount stores like Wal-Mart or Target will implement the program, but the easiest way is to download or order it online.  Its simple set-up allows users to drag and drop design elements such as walls, corridors, floors, doors and windows to create floor plan designs. Choose to install the basic version of the program directly, or choose to purchase the extended version for the entire layout design experience. Consult the software’s tutorial section for how-to questions.

Start creating your house floor plan. Whether you have purchased software or sketch your outline plan by hand, the first step will be to determine a scale. A square inch is often equivalent to 10 square feet during a floor plan design. Adjust your drawing using a ruler or your screen layout in the design toolbox to accommodate your chosen scale. Keep your scale in mind throughout the whole of your layout design. Use your website’s space and budget to determine how big your home can be. For economic purposes, do not plan to create a home that is too large.

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