Japan Modern Interior Design Architecture Style

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Japan modern interior design – Japanese interior architecture is a reflection of the whole building and how it relates to nature. To atmosphere a Japanese interior, you must find out it to the whole. Most of the Japanese structures are built in the sukiya style of Japanese teahouses, an architectural format dating back 400 years. The integration of the interior part of the house with its external environment creates unity, typical of Japanese interior architecture.

Awesome Design Studio Japanese Style Interior

Awesome Design Studio Japanese Style Interior

Space of the flows. The eye is based on the simplicity of the rooms instead of the decorations that are placed in the home. Wood and natural materials are favored to create a harmony between the modern japanese home decor spaces and the natural environment. The strength of the design derives from its folds that give the house its structural shape. Origami’s innovative angles increase the height of a second floor. The interior, with a second open level.

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Echoes the concept of streamline together with built-in shelving and folding partitions to maximize the use of space. A garage is integrated below the lower angle of the house. A water cut, inside or outside, maintains tranquility while inspiring creativity. The japanese zen interior design remain simple with white or almost white colored walls and ceilings, wood or unstained concrete floors, and the recessed lighting since natural light is preferred. The Zen house is a very personal style that goes beyond a place to live.

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